The future of digital platforms


26th June 2024

26th June 2024

An initiative by Launchworks & Co

Platforms and their ecosystems are now part of our daily lives. They are redefining the way we work, the way we learn, how we innovate and how we collaborate. As a community of platform leaders, how do we ensure that the full potential of these digital ecosystems is realised for all?

What is Platform Leaders?

Platform Leaders brings together entrepreneurs, policy makers, academics, investors and practitioners to exchange insights and best practices on the future of digital platforms and ecosystems. These communities don’t always talk to each other, yet are collectively building the platform economy. Platform Leaders provides strategic insights into key topics and allow experts to share complementary perspectives to shape the debate so that the potential of digital markets can be unlocked for all.


Interested in understanding the impact of Generative AI on platforms and organisations? Want to know more about how new platform regulation is enabling the emergence of new App Stores? How should platform regulation adapt to new AI technologies? These are the key topics that we will address on 26 June 2024. The full programme will be announced shortly.

The last conference, with speakers from Spotify, Mastercard, BackMarket, Isomer Capital, Vestiaire Collective, Google, the CMA, UCL, Piton Capital, EKA Ventures etc. focused on the following themes: Generative AI, Platform Regulation, the Circular Economy, decentralisation, platform research and investment. Discover the videos and articles below.


Here are our confirmed speakers.

Arka Dhar from OpenAI speaking at Platform Leaders

Arka Dhar

Fayrouze Masmi Dazi Platform Leaders

Fayrouze Masmi Dazi

Founding Partner
Dazi Avocats
Benoit Reillier - The Future of Platform Leaders

Benoit Reillier

Co-founder & CEO Launchworks & Co
Laure Claire Reillier Launchworks & Co Platform Leaders

Laure Claire Reillier

Co-Founder and COO Launchworks & Co
Paulo Trezentos Aptoide Platform Leaders

Paulo Trezentos

CEO, Aptoide
Oliver Bethell The future of digital platforms, Platform Leaders

Oliver Bethell

Head of Competition, EMEA, Google

3:30PM – 3:35PM


Introducing Platform Leaders.

Laure Claire Reillier

COO Launchworks & Co

Co-author of Platform Strategy

3:35PM – 4:00PM


We’re excited to welcome back Arka Dhar from OpenAI for a fireside chat / AMA session on GenAI and its impact on the organisations of tomorrow. Arka will talk about OpenAI’s latest free model (v4o), the development of its GPT marketplace as well as future projects.

This session will also be an opportunity to ask as many questions as you’d like to Arka, so feel free to send us your questions in advance.

Arka Dhar - TBC

VP, OpenAI

Laure Claire Reillier

COO Launchworks & Co

Co-author of Platform Strategy

4:00PM – 4:40PM


We increasingly use apps to facilitate our everyday life, from browsers to dating and gaming. App stores are today an almost infinite source of tools, distractions and our main interface to the digital world. This has led to the development of major app stores by leading platforms and a thriving app ecosystem globally. Yet with new devices (Virtual Reality headsets), new technologies (IA) and new regulations (DMA in Europe), new entrants as well as existing platforms are launching new types of app stores.

What will the app store of the future look like? What makes a successful app store in the first place? What do developers value in an app store? What do users really want out of an app store? How to strike the right balance between choice, trust and share value fairly amongst stakeholders?

Paulo Trezentos

CEO and Co-Founder, Aptoide

4:40PM – 5:20PM


In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital platforms, regulatory frameworks must adapt to ensure fair competition, innovation, and consumer protection. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion that will explore the intersection of technology, regulation, and competition, aiming to chart a path forward that safeguards public interest while promoting innovation and economic resilience in the age of AI. This panel brings together distinguished experts to discuss the future of regulation in this dynamic environment. Panellists will share their views on the emerging regulatory environment, focusing on the coordination of policies across the AI Act regulations, the Digital Services Act (DSA), and the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

How can we ensure cohesive and effective regulation across AI, DSA, and DMA at both member state and international levels? How can regulators keep pace with the rapid advancements in AI technology? What strategies can balance the need for regulation with the necessity of fostering innovation, economic growth and competitiveness? What new approaches and frameworks are required to address the unique challenges posed by digital platforms and AI? How can we mitigate the risk of Europe falling behind in the global AI race while ensuring ethical and fair AI deployment?

Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi

Founding Partner
Dazi Avocats

5:20PM – 5:30PM


Closing remarks and key insights from the event by our conference co-chair.

Benoit Reillier

CEO Launchworks & Co

Co-author of Platform Strategy